Spring Cleaning, Hooray

Here’s something I probably (definitely) would have NEVER said 10 years ago:

There is something wonderful about flinging open the windows, getting out the duster and vacuum and broom and mop, and giving the house a good scrub-down.  It just makes me happy seeing the dust off the baseboard and knowing all the books and albums have been tucked away.

Not that I’m done.  Far from it.  Pregnancy makes it physically impossible to finish spring cleaning in a few days – lesson learned.  Just going up and down the stairs gets pretty exhausting and does a job on my lower back.  But Teddy has been super helpful (gotta love a guy that will clean the bathroom, my least favorite thing to do).  Our bedroom and the spare bedroom (soon to become the nursery) are the last to get done inside, and the patio is a disaster.  But it’s almost there, and I hope to have everything done and happy-home-ish by the end of the week.

There’s also other projects that need doing with the new addition to the family.  When we thought we were moving, I was able to live with our books being in total disarray.  Now that we’ve decided to stay, that all needs to be fixed.  I don’t know if this is normal, but it drives me crazy that our books are all over the place.  The only books that are in a place that make sense are the Agatha Christie books, the Sherlock Holmes books, and the graphic novels.  Anything else is just scattered – different books from the same series are on different bookshelves in different rooms. And everything is mixed together – sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, art history, classic lit – all are just shoved all over the place in no order.

Unacceptable haha.

So that’s where spring cleaning is at.  Pretty dull, but it makes me happy.  (And organized books will make me even happier.)


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