I Didn’t Get Burned! Fluff Mail!

I posted recently about my fear of getting burned by my China cheapy cloth diaper purchase from Assunta.

Hooray hooray, they arrived!  Check out the cutes:

Assunta Fluff Mail

Assunta Fluff Mail

So I purchased 6 of Assunta’s Tiny Covers.  They have a cross-over snap at the waist, to make the diaper snug enough to fit around a newborn baby’s waist, and 3 sets of snaps on the front for adjusting the diaper’s rise – basically making it longer or shorter to fit different sized newborn babies.  Pictured in the columns (left to right) are: circles & jungle friends, red & blue bubbles. yellow & yellow stars.  Circles and jungle friends are in a soft minkee, everything else is normal PUL.  Assunta also threw in a microfiber insert (pictured at the bottom).

Just looking at them, they seem to be pretty good quality, especially considering the price (about $5 each).  Some have a PUL interior so they’re wipeable between changes, other have some sort of mesh lining and will be one-use.  These are covers, so they go over a diaper, but that’s perfect, since my main diapering choice for while Baby is a newborn is prefolds.  One thing I don’t really like is the sizing isn’t exact – some are slightly bigger than others, so I’m worried about fit issues.  But there’s no way to know if that will be an issue until Baby gets here.

At this point, the only thing I plan to add to my newborn stash are some workhorses (to make nighttime changes easier), maybe some size small prefolds (in case baby quickly outgrows the newborn size I have now), and I need more inserts.  I haven’t decided if I’ll buy actual inserts, or if I should just get preemie sized prefolds, but I tried stuffing with the newborn sized ones and they’re too big.  I’m toying around with getting Kawaii overnight heavy wetter dipes, but I may wait and see if they’re really necessary – they may be a better addition to my one-sized stash.

So anyway, my newborn stash is almost complete!  Very exciting.

4 Responses to “I Didn’t Get Burned! Fluff Mail!”
  1. I’m so glad to hear that you are happy with these covers, I’m about to place an order for these newborn covers too and was also worried about their arrival! Are you planning on using the prefold trifolded or use a snappi? I’m having a hard time deciding what size prefold to buy, I’m scared they’ll just grow out of it within a week haha!

    • Heather Hope says:

      Right now I’m planning on using a snappi, but I guess it really depends on what works best with Baby. I’ve read that the jellyroll fold is very effective in containing EBF poops, so that’s what I’m planning on going with in the beginning. Here’s a page I found with different folds: http://diaperpages.com/pf_folds.php

      I have the size newborn prefolds from Cotton Babies and Green Mountain Diapers, and I’m planning on getting some size small in case Baby is too big or outgrows the newborn ones quickly. Just looking at them, I kinda like the GMD ones better, but I don’t really have any good reason to say that. I have the same worry as you haha. But, I’m not too worried about it, because I’ve been told the newborn prefolds are also useful as trifolded inserts in larger diapers or burp cloths. So I figure they’ll be useful even after Baby gets bigger!

      • Thanks so much for the link, very helpful!
        Yes, that’s so true about using the newborn prefolds later for inserts or burp cloths! I’m also planning on buying my prefolds from Cotton Babies, and I’ve found some super cute all in ones for newborns from Imagine Baby Products, so deciding if I’ll also get a few of those for night time (http://www.imaginebabyproducts.com/newborn.html). So many options, and it’s hard to not get caught up in the cute factor of cloth diapers! I’m sure the cute factor will wear off after doing countless loads of laundry!

      • Heather Hope says:

        Hahaha yeah, the cute factor is a HUGE problem for me! They’re just so hard to resist! I’m planning on using workhorses with covers for nighttime, but I might have to get a few AIOs so the husband will do nighttime changes. Anything to get him to help changing diapers, right? I’m going to check out Imagine Baby Products – thanks for the link!

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