The Joys of Fluff Mail: My Take from the Swaddlebees Clearance Sale

Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fluff mail.  The best mail.  My favorite mail lately.  A day is instantly improved by the arrival of fluff mail.

What is fluff mail?  Fluff mail is fluffy, soft, adorable mail.  In other words, cloth diapers!

My most recent fluff mail is my take from the Swaddlebees clearance sale.  Check out the cutes:

Blueberry Irregulars Fluff Mail

On the left are 2 Blueberry Mini Delux (in butter and monkeys).  On the right are 2 Blueberry Basix size newborn (in baby blooms and messy hands). All are “irregulars,” meaning there is some sort of problem with the fabric, generally fabric runs.  So they were on clearance and super cheap and now they’re MINE.
I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with any of these dipes.  And trust me, I looked.  I’ve heard this about the Swaddlebees irregulars items – they are listed as irregular but whatever the problem is, it’s not really obvious.  Who knows, maybe after a few washings a fabric run will become apparent, but for right now, they look problem-free to me.
The Mini Delux are pocket diapers with a PUL (waterproof) outer layer and inner layer of microfleece to keep baby feeling dry.  Because I picked them up on sale, they didn’t come with the 3-layer microterry insert they would normally come with.  That insert is the art that is the absorbent layer, so I’ll need to find something to use.  I’m considering buying inserts from another site, or I may just use a prefold as the insert, since I already have them.
The Blueberry Basix is an all-in-one with a pocket for additional absorbancy.  So it has a pocket like the Mini Delux to add additional absorbancy, but it also has an attached the 3-layer microterry for built in absorbancy.  I really don’t intend on using too many all-in-ones, since I think they will be harder to clean and dry, but I want to have a few on hand simply because they are the closest to sposies and will be easy for night changes or if a grandmom has to change a diaper.  (I’m gonna teach Teddy how to use prefolds and covers – no excuses for dad to go for the easy option!)
Now I’m just waiting on my fluff mail from China and some one size dipes I picked up on sale.  To finish up my newborn stash, I’m planning on getting some workhorses (which I’ll explain in a future post) and pick up some additional dipes from Swaddlebees to use a coupon I have.  Once everything is here, I’ll post my entire newborn stash!

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