(Some) Reasons to Cloth Diaper

I ran across this fantastic blog post over at The Awesome Cloth Diaper Blog titled Top 5 New Reasons to Cloth Diaper.

Which got me thinking, why did I decide to cloth diaper? I think my main reasons are:

  1. Money – Cloth is cheaper. Don’t get me wrong, I can waste money on pointless shit like the best of ’em. But disposable diapers really is wasting money on useless shit. You buy something, fill it with waste, then throw it away.  For what?  Convenience?  I do laundry every other day, adding one additional load is not going to be inconvenient to me.  Because cloth is “gross”?  I’ve seen how babies get pee and poop and vomit and everything else everywhere, including on their clothes.  I’m gonna be dealing with pee and poop regardless of if I’m using sposies or cloth, so why spend the money on sposies?
  2. Cuuuuuuuuuute – Cloth is cute.  Nuff said.
  3. No creepy chemicals – disposable diapers have a variety of chemicals designed to hold 100x or more in their weight in fluid, and those chemicals can come in contact with baby’s skin. That creeps me out. What’s the point of trying to find all-natural baby wash if I’m gonna let my baby live in a chemical set?  Eww.

There are more reasons.  These aren’t even all my reasons.  Just some of them, and probably the top ones.

Notice what’s not on there?  “I’m gonna save the planet!”  Yeah, no.  There are benefits to cloth (lower manufacturing cost, less impact on landfills), but there are negatives, too (more water used).  I’m not a crunchy tea-hugging hippie.  Sure, we avoid plastic water bottles and have reusable shopping bags, but we’re not a full-out hippie family.

I’ll probably think of more reasons I’ve chosen cloth, but I’m kinda sleepy and not thinking clearly.  But this is a start.


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