Cool Blog: Desperate Gardener

I ran across this fantastic blog via Pinterest: Desperate Gardener.  She has an urban container garden in Seattle – how’s that for piling one challenge on top of another?!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my garden for this year and what I want to grow.  It’s just so hard, because we’re moving and the different apartments we’ve looked at vary so much in terms of light exposure and outdoor space.  Some have patios, some balconies, one has a private enclosed back yard (that’s the one I really want!), and without knowing what kind of space and light we’ll have, I can’t decide what we can grow.

We still have the jasmine and curry plants Teddy’s parents gave us, quietly growing away in the spare bedroom.  Everything else we’ll have to start inside and move out.  The planters from last year never got properly taken care of at the end of the season, and I really need a warm day or two to take care of them before I’m too big to be able to bend over.

So, what to grow this year?  We need lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, maybe I’ll do some bell peppers.  Our green beans weren’t very successful last year, but I might give them a shot again.  Maybe some hot peppers.  Besides that, I’m not sure.  But it’s fun to plan!


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