Award Winning Marmalade

Wow, I was going through my old posts and realized I never put this up.

Did you know I have an award-winning marmalade?  Crazy, right!

Award winning marmalade!

Award winning marmalade!

I guess it was a little over a year ago I seriously started canning, mostly for fun and to give gifts to friends.  On a lark, I entered one in the Middletown Grange Fair.  It was my strawberry lemon marmalade, and I chose it because of a funny story.

I had given a jar to a co-worker, and one morning she comes in to work and tells me she ate the whole jar.  She hadn’t even had it a week, so I figured she must have shared it with her roommates or something.   Nope.  Apparently she was eating it on bread and ran out of bread.  So she started eating it out of the jar with a spoon.  Just standing in front of her fridge, door open, eating marmalade.  She said she couldn’t put it down and finished the jar.

That’s when I figured it was a winner!

I was pretty excited for second place.  First place went to beer jelly.  And really, how can you possibly top beer jelly?!


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