New obsession: Cloth diapers

Teddy & I are expecting our first peanut, and I’ve decided to use cloth diapers when our little one arrives.  Absolutely none of my friends have done this, so I’ve been relying on blogs and other online resources to educate myself.  (Though my mother in law did cloth diaper Teddy, so she’s totally supportive!  But a lot has changed from 35 years ago, so I get to educate her haha.)  It’s amazing how many types, styles, and brands there are, plus learning about WAHMs (work-at-home-moms) and diaper swaps.

So right now I’m working on my newborn stash – the diapers I’ll use for baby until s/he outgrows newborn size and moves on to one-size diapers (which will last until baby is potty trained).  My newborn stash is focused on prefolds (big rectangular pieces of cloth that are bulkier in the center for added absorbancy) and covers (the leak-proof part).  I will probably get some pockets and/or all-in-2s to have around in case one of the grandmas is babysitting, and I’m thinking of adding some workhorses (prefolds that have been sewn to be shaped like diapers, so same absorbancy but easier to put on).

ImageNewborn stash (not complete)

So here’s what I have so far.

  • Top row: 32 cloth wipes (from Lover of Life on Etsy)
  • Middle row: Bummis Super Brite size newborn (in green); Thirsties Cover size x-small (in butter); Thirsties Duo Wrap size 1 (in mango orange)
  • Bottom row: Bummis Super Whisper size newborn (in celery dots); Thirsties Cover size x-small (in ocean); Thirsties Duo Wrap size 1 (in hoot)
  • Right side: 3 Snappis (no more pins!); 1 dozen unbleached prefolds size newborn (from Green Mountain Diapers); 1 dozen bleached Indian prefolds size infant (from Cotton Babies)

None of this is cleaned and prepped yet – the prefolds and wipes will get super soft and very fluffy once I prep them.  I have so many different brands and styles, because I don’t know yet what I will like.  For instance, some of these have snaps and some have aplix (AKA Velcro).  They’re all cut slightly different.  Think of it like your jeans – you probably have one brand or style of jeans you swear by, make your legs and butt look fantastic, fit comfortable on your hips, and you like the wash.  It’s the same with cloth – baby might have big thighs or wide hips (especially my baby, ahem), and some cloth will fit better than others.  The great news – if something doesn’t fit great, I can just sell it!  So no harm no foul.

What do you think about cloth diapering?  Let me know in your comments!

Want to know more about cloth?  Check out the ObbsAndLala channel on YouTube.

Skeptical of cloth?  Take a look at the ObbsAndLala video on Top 10 Cloth Diapers Myths.



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