Not Dead, Just Busy and Losing Stuff

The title pretty much sums it up.  So where have I been?  Let’s see … after our honeymoon, I lost my camera, which was sad because all the pictures were on it, plus all the pictures for some posts I planned to write.  And then I just didn’t have a camera, which made blogging no fun for me, and I got distracted by life and other things.

Since then, I’ve started a new job (which is now ending, which sucks), passed the Bar Exam in 2 states, and been enjoying the whole “woot I’m married” thing, which is actually the bestest ever and I’m 100000000% loving it.

I’ve taken up canning, drifted away from and back to cupcakes, made a kick-ass wedding sampler for a co-worker, started a pretty productive container garden on my patio, failed at finishing a wedding sampler for a friend, joined a CSA, and gone to India to meet the family on Teddy’s side.

Oh, and I found my camera, but I don’t seem to know where the cord is anymore.

So the plan now is (1) find the cord so I can get pictures off the camera, and (2) start blogging again.  Because, seriously, I’ve got in my fridge RIGHT NOW garlic scape pesto, homemade ricotta cheese, homemade yogurt, and various jams and marmalade.  You totally wanna know all about this awesomeness.  Right?  Right.

So I promise to really really try to find the cord to my camera.


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