Branching Out: New Directions for Jersey Bride

Check this out: my wedding is in 79 days.  79 days!!!  Whoa.

So that makes me think about all the things that need to get done.  Finish the invitations (never……..ending………….), get Teddy’s outfit purchased, figure out my hairstyle for that day, do the place card holders, get the blouse for my saree tailored, and on and on and on.

It also makes me think about everything that’s gotten accomplished: my wedding dress and saree purchased, everything for the centerpieces purchased and ready, made my jewelry for the dress, and more!

I also wonder: what will happen to Jersey Bride when it’s all over?  Do I just let it die?  That seems silly.  Because after I’m no longer a bride-to-be, I’ll be a wife and maybe, someday, a mother.  And a lot of my posts here, while wedding specific, really touch on things that I love: crafting, colors, South Jersey.

So I’ve been thinking about my life since I moved home (admittedly to Pennsylvania, not Jersey, but it’s close and I love it), and I’m thinking: why can’t I keep blogging about my life and adventures under the Jersey Bride banner?

I totally can!  My blog, my rules 😉

This isn’t 100% yet, but I think going forward, this blog will expand out into new directions.  Besides just the wedding, it will include posts on my other activities: crafting non-wedding stuff (including  jewelry making, cross-stitch, and anything else I pick up over time), cooking, homemaking and all things domestic, and of course my ongoing love of South Jersey and Philadelphia.  Maybe a little scatter-brained, but in my mind, it’s a perfect encapsulation of what my life is and where I’m at right now.

And who knows, maybe after the wedding I’ll still be posting about weddings-in-general?


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