Boxes Will Take Over Your Life

Last week, I uploaded this picture to Facebook:


If you haven’t had the joy of planning a wedding, that picture is what your house will turn into when it’s your turn someday.  In this picture ar:

  • Napkins for the bridal shower
  • Chair sashes for the beach wedding
  • Candles for the wedding dinner and reception centerpieces
  • Shells for the dinner centerpieces
  • Parasols for the bridesmaids and I
  • Fans for the beach ceremony
  • Parasols for the guests at the beach ceremony
  • The decorations for the placecards
  • Beverage napkins for the cocktail hour
  • Votive holders for the reception centerpieces
  • Table confetti for the dinner centerpieces
  • The cake topper

Not in this photo are

  • The approximately 14 bowls for the dinner centerpieces
  • The votive for the sweetheart table
  • My shoes (big shoes = big boxes)
  • All the parts of the invitations (which haven’t been assembled yet.  I know, I know……..)
  • The presents that have ALREADY started to arrive (they’re at my mom’s house)

More boxes will be coming.  Boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes……………………………

So I totally cracked up when I saw this post over at Broke-Ass Bride, which is TOTALLY on point.  She makes some excellent recommendations on what to do with all those boxes.  I’m happy to know that my wedding planning is providing me with supplies to protect Teddy & I from the coming zombie apocalypse.


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