Thinking About the Wedding Cake

My mom convinced me to buy a wedding cake (a friend had offered to make it, but don’t worry, he’s doing something potentially even more awesome for the wedding – unfortunately it’s a surprise for Teddy so I’ll have to post about it after the wedding).  Because it wasn’t an original plan to buy the cake, I have no idea what I’m getting in to.

A part of me thinks “it’s just a freaking cake, why go crazy?” and then another part thinks “oooooohhhhhhhhh pretties!”  Neither of these are very useful in shopping for a cake.

Project Wedding says that “[y]our wedding cake will be the star of the reception . . . .”  SERIOUSLY????  It’s a cake.  But seeing as everyone seems to agree that it really is that important, I guess I need to give this some thought.

Teddy & I are going to our tasting soon, so we’re thinking about making it a “wedding food day” and setting up a tasting.  Luckily, Project Wedding posted this list of what to expect at the cake tasting.  Some things that hadn’t occurred to me before reading their post:

  • Find out if they bake the cake fresh for your wedding or freeze it beforehand (ewww, really???)
  • See if you can get a “test cake”

Huh, random. I’m wondering what point a test cake serves if you’re tasting the cake at the bakery.  And frozen cake?  These things cost WAY too much for them to be freezing it.  Jeez.

I guess the next step is to start looking at cakes!

4 Responses to “Thinking About the Wedding Cake”
  1. Ginny says:

    I vote chocolate! hehe! 🙂 A lot of fancy bakers freeze the cake because 1). make icing easier; 2). icing takes so long that they don’t have the time to bake the day of and they want to keep it “fresh”

    I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

    • Heather Hope says:

      Hooray for having a foodie friend! I would have never thought of that. I’m still hoping for a fresh-baked cake, though. Does freezing it affect the taste or texture?

      • Leslie Meyer says:

        Shouldn’t. The Museum often buys cakes (for staff birthdays) from a local bakery that often pulls our order from a frozen stash. You can’t really tell when eating it. 🙂

  2. Heather Hope says:

    We’re going this Saturday, so I guess all my questions will be answered haha. Sounds like frozen is pretty common, so I’m not going to stress it.

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