Color Obsession

Our wedding colors are pink and orange.  Lots of people have this from-the-gut instant-hate of our colors, but they’re wrong and we’re right.  OK, so that’s a little nuts of a reaction.  But Teddy & I really like the combination, and so far everything has been coming together really beautifully.

And as an extra bonus boost to showing our colors aren’t completely insane, check out Pantone’s top 10 colors for spring 2011 chosen by New York fashion designers.  See that?  They call it “Honeysuckle” and “Coral Rose,” but they are way-way more fancier than us, so I’ll stick with pink and orange.  And yeah, we’re having a fall 2011 wedding, and those colors are spring, but still.  Justified!

MS has this thing on their website, “Perfect Palettes.” Some of them are really normal and obvious, but some are kinda fun.  It’s a decent resource.

I also found this series of photos.  And it’s got some *great* shots of someone’s pink and orange wedding day.  Yay!


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