In-Laws and the Holidays

I don’t officially have in-laws yet, but this is my last “holiday season” before getting married, so I’m interested in how things will go this year and what will be different next year.

In that vein, YourTango has an interesting post: “Howe to Manage Your In-Laws.”  I guess it’s not technically about the holidays, but it has some interesting times.

My big decision this year is if I am going to send my in-laws a Christmas card – they don’t acknowledge me yet (seriously, people, I’m your DIL in 10 months), so it might be tacky to send a card.  But, at the same time, I feel bad that I never send them a Christmas card.  I mean, I send cards to old friends, my old jobs, all kinds of crazy places.  My list is seriously out of control.  But not to my future MIL and FIL?  That just is strange to me.

How do people manage juggling their husband/wife/SO, their own parents and family obligations, and the in-laws during the holidays?


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