Sometimes Crafting Takes Compromise

When I began the never-ending project of making my invitations, I found a perfect orange ribbon – a little satiny, a little shimmery, just the right width.  Perfect.

Perfection can be found in a ribbon

Next I needed a pink ribbon.  This was a problem.  Pairing orange with pink as wedding colors can be a risky move, and this had to be just right – it would set the tone for the entire event and be the first thing most guests will see.  It needed to complement the orange, which admittedly was a pretty aggressive shade, and it needed to match our color scheme.  Also, once the orange ribbon was purchased, I was fairly limited as to what widths the pink ribbon could be in terms of the invitation design.

Eventually, I fell in love with this pink ribbon.  It was perfect – just the right shade and some glittery awesomeness without being completely and totally overdone shiny craziness.  It came on these tiny little rolls – 4 feet per roll.  I bought every single one at A.C. Moore near my house, got home, and started doing math.

I think I determined I needed something like 15 rolls to do all of my invitations if I didn’t make any measurement mistakes.

Back to A.C. Moore about a week later, and they hadn’t restocked that particular ribbon yet.  I went to two other A.C. Moore stores near me, and they only had that brand of ribbon in these brown cardboard boxes, selling for dirt-cheap prices.

That’s when the red flag went up.

Teddy and I (btw – he says I can call him “Teddy” on here and not just “T”!!!) went to an A.C. Moore deep in Gloucester County somewhere.  No luck.  I tried the A.C. Moore website.  Ditto.  The manufacturer’s site?  Fail.

Oh noes!

So Teddy and I started looking at other ribbons, and eventually ended up with three different ones.  One Teddy didn’t particularly love, one I wasn’t at all thrilled about, but between the three and some necessary compromise, I managed to buy enough ribbon to make all the invitations.

The three pink ribbons

Yesterday morning, I finished attaching the ribbon to all of the invitations.  (What’s left?  Cardstock and flowers.  I’m right now working on the invitation folders, and hope to get started on the reception cards next week!)  In the end, I think all three choices came out nicely:

Top to bottom: the one Teddy didn't like, the one I didn't like, and the original "bestest ribbon ever" ribbon - actually, all three are nice!

In the end, Teddy and I had to give a little to get this project done, because the original ribbon was just not an option – we couldn’t buy enough of it to complete the project.  The three ribbons each have different qualities – from shade to finish to texture – that add their own special and beautiful something to the project.  It doesn’t bother either of us that all of the invitations won’t be identical and the homemade charm is actually enhanced by the whole “problem” of not finding the perfect ribbon.

Lesson learned: perfection isn’t always attainable, but beauty is.  Aim for beautiful.


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