South Jersey Shore Love

So I posted about my love of Philly, and I thought I should balance it out with a post about my love of South Jersey.

Why “South Jersey” and not “New Jersey”?  If you’re not from here, that’s probably too long an explanation.  There’s a movie trying to determine the dividing line between North and South Jersey, and there was a non-binding referendum that passed in the 7 South Jersey counties in 1980 which proposed they succeed from North Jersey.  There isn’t much a movement any more to make South Jersey its own state, but you do often hear the sentiment expressed.

OK, that was way off topic.

About a month ago, my mom and I were down the shore, and we stopped by the beach where the wedding ceremony will take place.  T hadn’t seen this particular stretch of the beach yet (except on Google Maps, which doesn’t really count, right?), so I took a few pictures for him.  We already have the permit from the town to use the beach, so we’re all set, we just need our day to come!  (Well, and I guess do all the stuff on my to-do list for the wedding haha.)

Site of our wedding ceremony

More recently, after I showed T these photos, he and I went down with my mom for dinner, and we stopped by so he could see the beach in person,  It couldn’t have been more perfect – there was a wedding being set up when we arrived, so we could really visualize everything we had planned so far and made some changes based on what we were seeing.  It was nice to be able to see how things would look for our very special day.


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