Don’t Keep Things in your Head

I was talking to my mom yesterday, and I realized I’ve slacked hard on the things that need to get done this summer.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m wedding planning around my school calendar, which basically means this summer, winter break, spring break, and next summer after I take the Bar exam.  Which totals up to not very much time at all.

I’ve posted step-by-steps on some of my projects for this summer, but how I’m actually doing them is more like an assembly line.  For instance, for the invitations I’ve printed them and stamped them and done some other things, but there aren’t any fully completed invitations except for the one I used for the blog post.

And I have all the steps in my head, but the problem is that in my head it didn’t seem like all that much.

RULE: Don’t keep things in your head.

I’m the type of person that if I don’t write it down, it doesn’t exist.  I’ll forget it’s my own birthday if it’s not in my planner.  So me walking around with all these “to dos” in my head – big fail.

Mom made me write a list, and now I’m kinda freaked out – when an I supposed to do all this?  Guess I need a little more crafting and a little less NCIS reruns in my evenings 😀

Summer 2010


  1. Print invitations
  2. Cut invitation card stock
  3. Punch invitation card stock
  4. Stamp invitations
  5. Stamp envelopes
  6. Trim invitations
  7. Cut pink ribbon
  8. Cut orange ribbon
  9. Attach orange ribbon
  10. Attach pink ribbon
  11. Glue flowers
  12. Attach card stock

Reception Cards

  1. Print reception cards
  2. Cut reception card stock
  3. Punch reception card stock
  4. Trim reception cards
  5. Attach card stock


  1. Fold vellum
  2. Fold card stock
  3. Trim vellum
  4. Punch vellum
  5. Trim card stock
  6. Punch card stock
  7. Glue vellum to card stock
  8. Ribbon punch folder

Spring Break 2011

Response Cards

  1. Print response cards
  2. Stamp response cards
  3. Stamp response envelopes
  4. Print/label response envelopes


  1. Stuff with invitation components
  2. Thread and tie ribbon
  3. Print invitatin envelopes
  4. Place folders in envelopes
  5. Labels on envelopes

Good news: the Summer 2010 stuff can bleed into winter break if absolutely necessary.

Bad news: none, I guess.  At least I realized how much I have to do pretty early in the summer 🙂

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