Pom-Poms a Go-Go?

The other day I posted about how I recently decided I absolutely must have paper pom-poms at my reception.  I even included two different pictures of paper pom-poms in my inspiration collage yesterday.

But, I wasn’t really sure how T would feel about them.  Actually, I was kind of assuming he would hate the idea.

So over a very lovely dinner with T last night at FARMiCiA (and I really do mean lovely – we shared the cheese trio for an appetizer, and I had the mushroom risotto croquettes and the Juliet tonic; T had the crabmeat and Asian pear salad (which he said was OK but didn’t love) and something called a “Sangrita” which was a cocktail), I mentioned paper pom-poms.  And guess what?  T actually liked the idea!

So now we just have to check the ceiling height where we’re having the dinner portion of the reception – we don’t want them hanging down so low that they look awkward – and also check with the events planner at the site that they are OK with us hanging them.  I think it’ll be fine, but still better to ask, right?

The dinner portion of our reception was only going to introduce our colors through the floating candles in the centerpieces, so the addition of the paper pom-poms will hopefully increase the presence of the colors and really help to tie everything together.  I think they will also add to the drama, because our centerpieces are so low to the table, by adding height and dimension above the tables.  Psyched!


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