The Gift Registry

So I go into stores like Macy’s and HomeGoods and think “zOMG registry.”  It’s overwhelming to think about, and I’m actually pretty glad I don’t have to until December-ish.  I mean, it seems a little tacky to be like “buy me this!” but then some people have really strange taste and I don’t want to be staring at towels I hate or end up with a couple toaster ovens (true story – it happened to someone I know), so you kind of have to.

So what do two people in their 30s who’ve had multiple apartments need?  Sarah over at 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding has a post about a cutting board which has gotten me thinking about this.  I think the big thing is probably to remember that you’re not registering to impress anyone – if you need a cutting board, put it on the list.  If you rarely cook or bake, you probably don’t need the entire Kitchen Aid line (FYI – I totally plan on registering for tons of Kitchen Aid small appliances!) – and you probably don’t need fancy-shmancy China if you rarely throw fancy-shmancy dinner parties!

I’m looking forward to the process, though I’ve heard from friends that it can be stressful.  Hopefully wielding that scanner gun thing will be pretty fun!


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