Wedding Saree

I went away for a few days with T, checking out the area of the Philly ‘burbs he’s moving to, and when I came home yesterday my wedding saree had arrived!  I had bought it online from Utsav Sarees about a month ago, and was pretty nervous because the eBay wedding dress never arrived.  But there it was, in all its amazing glorious pink-and-shiny glory!  In response to the demands of Twitter, here are some pics 🙂

Detail of peacock

Peacock head

Detail of flowers

Close-up of edge

Detail of beadwork

Close-up of beadwork and stitching

The pallav (pallu)

Detail of pallav


So why did I buy a saree if I just bought a wedding dress?  In the part of India that T was raised, the bride traditionally wears one of her own sarees for the wedding ceremony, and then receives her wedding saree as a gift from the groom’s family.  The bride changes into the wedding saree for the reception.  In our wedding, I will wear my wedding dress for the beach ceremony, and the saree for the reception after.  How lucky am I to get to wear to amazingly ridicagorgeous outfits for my wedding?!

So how do you wear a saree?  I’m actually halfway decent in putting one on (I learned when I was on Semester at Sea), but I think I’ll hand this one over to the experts:

3 Responses to “Wedding Saree”
  1. Leslie Meyer says:

    That is absolutely goregous! Cannot WAIT to see you in your sari glory!

    • Heather Hope says:

      Thanks lady! I actually put it on the other dayand was walking around my mom’s house in it haha. So psyched 😀

  2. It’s so beautiful! Enjoy!

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