Wedding Dress. Check.

One of the hard parts about planning a wedding in New Jersey when I live in Chicago is that everything gets crunched into the tiny bits of time when I’m actually in Jersey.  Basically, wedding planning is taking place this summer, over Christmas break, next spring break, and the month between the Bar exam and the actual wedding.  So even though technically the wedding is 14 months away, I actually only have about 4 months of planning time.  Boo.

So, I posted before about the wedding dress I tried to buy from eBay.  It’s kind of complicated, but the short answer is basically that it was an Epic Fail.  It’s entirely possible it was delivered somewhere but it wasn’t delivered anywhere I was going to receive it.

A friend of my mom suggested I go to RK Bridal in NYC, and a friend/co-worker suggested The Bridal Building (also NYC).  Mom and I hopped on the Bolt Bus last Saturday and headed up for what I was sure would be a day of hell looking for a dress.  We had already gone to Kay’s Bridal and David’s Bridal and I was pretty much underwhelmed, and the thought of going to two big NYC wedding warehouses was making me feel pretty stabby.

Surprise, it didn’t suck!  RK Bridal was a madhouse – complete insanity – but the woman who helped me was amazing.  She asked me questions about colors and fabrics and different elements (train, neckline, embellishments), and then she pulled dresses that were all just gorgeous.  She actually did a better job of picking out dresses I liked that I did – most of the ones I liked on the hanger were awful when I tried them on, or at least were lacking and just not right, but the ones she picked out were just lovely.  She was also very understanding of my budget and didn’t try to force a dress I couldn’t afford on me to increase her commission (and I’m 99% sure she does work on commission).

In one morning, I found the dress I love, got measured, and put down a deposit.  So exciting!

Now, for people who have never gone wedding dress shopping, some things I didn’t know going in –

  1. The dresses are in crazy sizes.  The dress I ultimately bought was a size 22W and held on my body with binder clips.  Focus on the dress, not the fit.
  2. If you don’t like the color a dress is, ask what other colors it is available in before passing it over.  This was hard for my mom, who was so focused on the color that she wouldn’t comment on the dress – if it comes in the color you want, get the dress.
  3. There will be a woman – a total stranger – in the room with you to get you in and out of the dresses.  She’s gonna see you in your bra and panties.  There’s no avoiding this.
  4. The dress sizes are insane.  The dress I bought is about 4 sizes “bigger” than my normal street clothes.  Focus on the dress and getting the fit right, not the number of the size.  No one’s going to know what size the dress is, but they are all going to see your uber-gross back cleavage if you insist on a smaller size that you don’t fit in.  Don’t be that bride.
2 Responses to “Wedding Dress. Check.”
  1. descriptors of the dress you chose, please! i understand if you don’t want to post pictures of yourself in the dressing room mirror. also, i know you’ve got your situation all worked out, but a resource i’ve been using to research lots of different (some quite affordable) dresses is, for those of us who aren’t within driving distance of NYC and all its wonderful bridal boutiques *sniff*

  2. Heather Hope says:

    Thanks for that link! I’m going to add it to my “Resources” page 😀

    I don’t want to go into too many details on the dress so it will be a surprise for T (I’m pretty sure he checks out the blog occasionally), but it’s strapless with a sweetheart neckline. Ivory with cafe details and a lace-up back (I didn’t want a white dress). There is silver beading on the front and also along the hem in the front.

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