OK, Stop with the Crazy

I’m planning a wedding.  I get it.  You kinda go crazy.  There’s too many decisions, too many factors, too too too many things that can go wrong.

But really, stop with the crazy.

You know what falls under “crazy” in my book – bridal diapers.  Yeah, bridal diapers.

Maybe I should say “stop with the gross” but crazy totally works.

I’m trying to comment on this, but I just can’t.  It’s just unnecessary.  Why can’t you pee???  My dress slips over my head.  Done and done.  Maybe I would need help from a bridesmaid to hold the train, but I can deal with that.  I’m changing into a saree before the reception, so unless I have to go during the ceremony, I’m probably OK.  If it takes you 20 minutes to get out of your dress, you picked the wrong dress.  Seriously.

OK, enough of the rant.

PS – ewwwwwwww


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