Dealing with the Mother-in-Law

A Practical Wedding has an interesting two-part post on the mind of the mother-in-law and how expectant brides can best navigate that relationship.

Reading the comments to the two posts, I was struck by how difficult some of the women’s relationships can be with their MIL.  And how much it bothered them.  I have no relationship with my MIL – I’ve never met her, though I’ve lived about an hour away from her for most of my relationship with T, and she has expressed no desire to meet me or have any participation in our wedding.  Sometimes I wonder if she’ll even show up.  So reading these posts got me thinking – is it better to have a strained and stressful relationship or none at all?

Sorry, don’t have an answer to that.

Post 1 Ask Meg (and she’ll ask someone else): Mother-In-Laws, Part I

Post 2 Ask Meg (and she’ll ask someone else): Mothers-In-Law, Part II

2 Responses to “Dealing with the Mother-in-Law”
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  1. […] As I’ve mentioned briefly before, I don’t have a great relationship with my future mother-in-law (MIL).  The fact is, I don’t have any relationship with her.  I used to want to, but I’m kind of over it now – it’s been 6 years, she obviously is not interested, and I couldn’t keep driving myself crazy.  Which brings me to another non-rockstar mixed thing – doubt.  “Why am I not good enough?  Would it be different if I were Indian/Malayali?  Will the MIL be as disinterested in my kids s she is in me?  Will she come to the wedding?  Will we ever have any kind of relationship?  Will the MIL ever acknowledge me?  Is it true it has nothing to do with my race?” […]

  2. […] big decision this year is if I am going to send my in-laws a Christmas card – they don’t acknowledge me yet (seriously, people, I’m your DIL in 10 months), so it might be tacky to send a card.  But, […]

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