Inspirations: Over-Done Place Cards

Something I’ve been planning for a while now is using mini galvanized buckets for my place cards.  I kinda love galvanized buckets (random, yes, but that’s me), and I have big plans for them at the ceremony – galvanized buckets will hold the programs and dollar-store paint brushes so guests can brush off their feet as they leave the beach.

And I love matchy-matchy, so I wanted to use buckets at the reception, too.  The original plan was to use mini galvanized buckets (probably something like these) and fill them with sand.  The actual place cards would be on sticks (or something) and stuck into the sand, and then people could pick up their bucket and take it to their table.

T, being the practical one, pointed out this was a disaster waiting to happen, because sand would spill everywhere.

So the plan evolved into a sand-spill-proof invention of my own creation involving styrofoam, construction paper, Elmer’s glue, and sand.  But not much sand.  Very little.  I swear.

It was totally going to work, I just know it.  Maybe someday I’ll do it just to prove that it would have worked.

But then I found this at Project Wedding.

zOMG wheat grass.  Why didn’t I think of that?  It’s amazing.  It’s awesome.  It’s soooooooooooo beautifully green and it won’t spill sand everywhere.

Question: can I do it in little tiny galvanized buckets?

Answer: sure why not?

Hmmm… maybe I should try this before the wedding.

Project!  So I guess I need to buy all that stuff and then grow some wheat grass.  But seriously, I can totally see it in my head, and in my head it is absolutely beautiful.


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