Things I Know Nothing About: Rehearsal Dinners

This weekend, my mom, T, & I drove down to Cape May to check out a restaurant that mom wants us to use for the rehearsal dinner.  That was kind of a win and kind of a bust (long story), but during the whole thing, mom mentioned that we probably don’t need to have an actual rehearsal.  I don’t care if we have a rehearsal dinner, but I am way too much of a control freak to not have a rehearsal.  Oh em gee I might die.

BUT, I have no clue what goes into a rehearsal – I’ve never been a bridesmaid, my only prior participation in a wedding was as a flower girl decades ago.  I barely remember the wedding, I doubt I even participated in a rehearsal.  This is a huge fail waiting to happen.

Hey blogosphere, way to watch out for a girl.  2000 Budget Wedding has this amazingly awesome post on how to run your own rehearsal.  And it made me realize that a rehearsal is pretty similar to this event I ran for the Black Law Students Association at my law school – basically everyone needs to know (1) where to be, (2) when to be there, (3) what to have with them, and (4) what they’re doing while they are there.  And then you need to walk through it.  Because some people are visual learners, and some people are not, and most aren’t going to read the ridicadunk specific schedule I will probably end up writing for everyone.  True story.

So thanks to 2000 Budget Wedding for making something much less mysterious to this girl.


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