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I previously posted about the inspiration for the wedding invitations.  While Tand I both really liked that design, problems arose when I put together the first full mock-up for us to look at.

The main problem came from the fact that T and I both really like Indian wedding invitations (T actually is Indian, so he grew up seeing those more elaborate designs).

From, style D-791

Early on, we looked at and they are gorgeous – really and truly amazing.  An early example that caught my eye has this description: “The front of this card has the upper fold in a traditional temple arch shape with a base design of decorative temple motifs in maroon and gold and a circular window in the center with border design for the symbol of your choice. The lower fold has a floral design base in maroon and gold. The inserts and envelope have border design in maroon and gold combination.”

Whoa.  And that’s a low-end, cheaper example.  They get nuts.  Seriously.

So what was happening was that T was very concerned about how the entire invitation packet (invitation, reception card, response card) would look when guests opened the envelope.  He wanted everything contained in some kind of folder, so it would be neat and pleasing to the eye.  Based on invitations we have received from our Indian friends and what we saw online, we realized it was standard for there to be multiple layers, heavy weight folders, lots of use of color and scripts and even rhinestones.

And I’m trying to craft this.  Hmmmm….

So the design has changed and evolved, and I have finally (finally!!!) come up with something that makes us both happy and is firmly within my ability to produce.  I’ve been working out the kinks in measurements and materials, and hope to be able to start posting the projects soon!

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