Project: Save the Date Cards

Finals are over, so I have time to geek-out & craft-out for my wedding!  Hooray for summer!

Yesterday, after a lovely week-late Mother’s Day brunch with my mom and T and going to see Iron Man 2, I decided to assemble my Save the Date Cards.

Magnet, Postcard, 3M Photo Splits

Previously, I wasn’t really sure how the magnets would be attached to the postcards.  After poking around the store, I decided on 3M Photo Splits, which come in a dispensing box for easy application.  They were respositionable if I did it right away, but quickly become “permanent” – I believe that guests should be able to easily tear the magnet off the postcard.  The postcard will get torn up by this, but all of the information is on the magnet, so the postcard is disposable.  (Remember, the only reason we’re even using the postcard is because we couldn’t find envelopes to just mail the magnet, and so the postcard is really just something we’re mounting the magnet to for each of shipping.)


1.  Place a photo split in each corner.

Magnet with 1 photo split

2.  Remove the paper backing from the 4 photo splits.

Magnet with 4 photo splits (top right has paper backing removed)

3.  Center the magnet on the postcard.  Press each photosplit firmly to ensure it adheres.  (I used the upper design to properly center each magnet.)

4.  Place the finished save the date card in the envelope and seal with the label.

Completed save the date card and sealed envelope

Time Spent: Approx. 3 hours

This was a pretty straighforward project, once I determined what the center of the postcards were.  The 3M photo splits’ dispensing box helped the project, because I didn’t have to individually cut the tape like I would have had I purchased regular two-sided tape.  Overall, I completed the 70 cards in a little under 3 hours with no help (the length of The Big Chill plus an old episode of “Lost”).

Final cost: Approx. 90 cents each for 70 cards  (approx. 63 cents each had I made all 100 cards)

  • Vistaprint: Magnets, Postcards, Envelopes: $37.33 (includes shipping & tax)
  • Labels: $21.00
  • Scotch Photo Splits: $4.49
  • TOTAL: $62.82 (for 100 cards, but I only made 70 – 30 left over for mistakes and keepsakes)

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