The Result: Vistaprint Save the Date Cards

I posted before about the awesome deal I got at Vistaprint on the magnets and postcards that are going to become my save the date cards.  I went home for spring break, and they had arrived!

The idea is that each portion should compliment the others, not be too matchy-matchy (and I can get pretty matchy-matchy sometimes).  I used a picture that has always been one of T’s favorites of the two of us, and found designs that were in line with our Indian-inspired look and incorporated our colors somewhat (though, not exactly).


Save the Date Cards: Magnet, Postcard, and Envelope Seals

The magnets have the photo of T & I, with the date and location information.  They will be centered and attached to the postcards, which also contain the important info.  Not shown are the plain white envelopes (included free with the Vistaprint order) the completed projects will be placed inside for mailing.  (I could have paid extra to have the envelopes have our return address printed on them, but I didn’t because I wanted to use the labels.  I have had the pre-printed envelopes for other projects, and they are pretty nice.)

To seal the envelopes, I found this website called My Own Labels – I’m very happy with them, and they have some great designs and color options.  I will be ordering from them again to seal the wedding invitations!

Overall, I’m very pleased.  The magnets are of a nice quality, with a little weight, and the postcards have a nice glossy finish.  The envelopes leave a little to be desired, but they’re free so what would you expect?  If it was really important to me, I could get different ones, but they’re just going to get thrown out by people so it doesn’t seem worth it.  The labels are great, arrived nicely packaged so they wouldn’t be bent in the mail, and arrived about 5 days sooner than I expected.

Once the project is underway to attach the magnets, there will be an update about how it went – right now we’re floating a few ideas for how to attach the magnets.  Originally we were going to use photo corners, but that sounds a little difficult, so we might try double-sided tape.  My mom is advocating for rubber cement!  Whatever we end up doing, it should make for an amusing post (depending on how many rubber cement fumes I get exposed to).

UPDATE: When I went to assemble the save the date cards (see this post), I was surprised to see that My Own Labels randomly included an extra sheet of labels with my order!  I had ordered supplies from Vistaprint to make 100 cards, even though I only need about 64, so I only ordered 72 labels.  With this extra sheet, if I need to make more cards, I’ll have the labels.  Thanks, My Own Labels!

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