Invitations Design

One of my bridesmaids, @TooHotToMandle, and I are crafting-crazy when it comes to the invitations.

The project I found online at Michaels that the design is based on is really cute, but we’re making a few small changes to personalize?  The actual invitations are going to be purchased from Gartner, and the thank you cards, program

Four Samples from Discount Card Stock

s, and other paper-y-stuff will be the same basic design.  Cardstock will be from Discount Card Stock, and right now there are four colors I’m thinking about (see photo).  I like this site a lot and recommend it – you can get a sample sheet for $1.00, and then to buy in bulk is fairly reasonable prices.  I have a favorite of the four, but I want to see what T thinks before I make a final decision.  The invitation will be backed with a pink color, and then the reception card will be on orange.

Ribbons will go across the top as in the as in the Michael’s project – something will be picked out once we finalize the cardstock color.

In the center of the ribbons, I am thinking of these adorable labels from  I orderd some to use as envelope seals for the save the date cards, so once they arrive I can decide if the quality is high enough to use on the actual face of the invitations  Either way, they will be used to seal the envelopes for the invitations, too.

Here is the instructions from Michaels for the invitations (complete project available here): [When we do the project, I’ll post step-by-step photographs will all the crafty goodness!]

Image of project from

(1) Use computer to create and print desired message on lower half of invite. Trim off ¼-inch on each side so the pearl is the border.

(2) Stamp label with monogram and adhere on 2-inch round colored cardstock.

(3) Layer ribbon and wrap around top of invite, adhering with tape on the back side.

(4) Center circle label on ribbon and adhere with tape.

(5) Cut a 5½-inch x 8½-inch rectangle from colored cardstock. Center invite on cardstock rectangle and tape in place.

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