Save the Date, Save the Cash

First off, let me just put this out there: I completely and totally LOVE Vistaprint.  I’ve been ordering business cards from them since college – great designs, great quality.  So when T and I decided to send magnets for our Save the Date cards, I immedietly thought of them.

The thing about Vistaprint, if you’ve never used them, is they are always giving something away, and if you’re willing to wait, you can get what you want pretty cheap.

So I was pretty excited when I opened my email today and saw that magnets were on sale – first 25 for free, and the rest insanely reduced in price.  T and I had already agreed on a design, so I went to the site, uploaded our photo to include in the design, tinkered with the spacing (added a text box, changed the justification, etc.) and TA-DA – custom magnets.

A problem we struggled with was how to mail them, because there are no magnet-sized envelopes the USPS will deliver (based on my Google research, so 90% right but maybe there was an option I missed).

Then T came up with this great idea – use photo mounting corners to hold the magnets onto postcards. Genius! (See why I love my T? He totally supports my insane crafting.)

Then I got the ultimate surprise – Vistaprint was also giving away 100 postcards. Seriously?  Thanks Vistaprint!

So now we have 100 magnets, 100 postcards, and 100 envelopes (for a little over $3, though they would have been more if I got the return address preprinted on them) for a little under $40.  I figure with the mounting corners, the whole project should come in at about $60 + shipping.  That made for a perfect study break!

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