And the planning begins

T and I are planning on a fairly-low budget (but beautiful and classy) wedding at the Jersey Shore in fall 2011.  We are both full-time students, so we can’t break the bank on our wedding, which means really thinking outside of the box on a lot of aspects of the wedding so we can afford to really splurge on the things most important to us (location, reception, things like that).

Yesterday, T and I drove down to the Jersey Shore to check out some hotels as possible locations for our reception, and have narrowed down what was a pretty extensive list of places down to three, and now my job is to look for reviews of all of them online.  If we decide all three are in the running, then the next thing is to contact their events/wedding planners and get appointments to check out the ballrooms, hotel rooms, grounds, etc.  T thinks we can wait until this summer to make a decision, but the most important thing is this is our big splurge and will have the biggest impact on what our final budget is. It’s exciting, but a little nerve-wracking too.


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